How can logistics overseas centers boost a country's economy?


In today's globalized economy, logistics plays a crucial role in the success of a country's exports. An excellent example is Turkey, recognizing the importance of logistics in driving sustainable export growth, has taken steps to establish overseas logistics centers. These centers will ensure the rapid flow of exports and products' penetration of international supply chains at low cost.


One of the key benefits of these logistics centers is the ability to boost Turkey's export performance in strategic regions such as Africa, the Americas, Europe, Russia, and the Far East. The centers will first open in countries with relatively less logistics infrastructure, with a focus on countries such as Ghana and Nigeria where there are major bottlenecks in logistics infrastructure despite their great market potential. 

This will allow Turkish goods to reach these markets more efficiently, thus increasing the demand for Turkish goods in these countries.


In addition to this, the logistics centers will also create cost advantages for Turkish exporters in countries with developed logistics systems such as the U.S., U.K., Germany, and China. By providing incentives for special commodity groups and leveraging the logistics systems of these countries, Turkish exporters will be able to gain a competitive edge in these markets. This will not only help to increase exports to these countries but also benefit small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Turkey.


Moreover, logistics centers will create timing advantages for deadlines, especially for e-commerce. With fast delivery times and improved customer satisfaction, Turkish exporters will be able to increase their market share in these countries. 

Furthermore, the logistics centers will help Turkish exporters to eliminate supply chain disruptions caused by events such as the novel coronavirus outbreak. This will ensure that Turkish exporters can continue to export goods to these countries even if lockdown measures are implemented.


Lastly, for countries with less-developed logistics infrastructure along China's Belt and Road initiative, the logistics centers will offer Turkish exporters various opportunities. By providing areas for storage, loading and unloading, handling, shipment, and cargo unification and division services, Turkish exporters will be able to reach these countries more efficiently. 


As we can see, the establishment of overseas logistics centers in Turkey will play a critical role in driving sustainable export growth and increasing the competitiveness of Turkish exporters in global markets. 

By providing cost advantages, timing advantages, and eliminating supply chain disruptions, Turkish exporters will be able to increase their market share in key regions such as Africa, the Americas, Europe, Russia, and the Far East. 

The logistics centers will also benefit small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Turkey, providing them with opportunities to expand their reach in global markets and showing how logistics overseas can create a positive tendency for the business of a country.

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