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China reopening has not pull up their economy as expected

  In recent months, China has been making strides towards reopening its economy after a long period of lockdowns and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite these efforts, the country's economic activity has not seen the expected boost. In fact, data from December 2022 shows that China's economic activity has fallen to its slowest rate since February 2020. As well, China's economy has been experiencing a slow down in recent years due to a variety of factors that includes a decrease in demand for Chinese exports, a decrease in domestic consumption, and a decrease in foreign investment, in addition to economic reforms that the chinese government has been implementing and that have led to a decrease in growth.  Factors such as high levels of debt, overcapacity in certain industries, and a lack of innovation have also been cited as contributing to the slowdown in China's economy. But, in recent months, one of the main factors contributing to this slow ec

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