What is the role of a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders are relevant actors in international trade because they manage logistics for their customers in a personalized war and have different degrees of responsibility.

The role o a freight forwarder implies the coordinated management of a service that includes transport, documentation, and informative factors in the logistics chain, from the origin point to the arrival at the destination.

Before entering the import/ export market, there are specific guidelines that entrepreneurs must consider. The process of taking your product to its buyers, not only involves cargo transportation but functions that diversify to protect the interests of all parties.

These functions are carried out by the freight forwarder, and they ensure that the goods arrive in optimal conditions.

Another function of a freight forwarder is to manage space in containers. Large shipping companies manage requests for full containers, but if your merchandise doesn’t need all the space in the container, you need a freight forwarder to negotiate partial space.

Freight forwarders specialize in different types of cargo, for example, oversized cargo, express shipments, refrigerated cargo, dangerous cargo, sanitary supplies, etc. Is because of this, that freight forwarders divide into three fields: Transfer, documentation, and information.

Freight forwarders:

  • Manage space and generate quotes in transport, whether maritime, by land, or by air.

  • Are responsible for port-to-port transport.

  • Offer warehousing, customs clearance, and route logistic services.

  • Review the necessary documentation.

  • They deal with customs formalities.

  • They offer cargo insurance.

  • They provide coverage and assistance according to each destination.

  • They study the needs of each client to offer a customized solution.

  • They track merchandise.

  • They keep the customer informed.

Freight forwarders reduce transportation costs and are an ideal solution for growing companies, especially if they do not wish to invest in their infrastructure at a particular stage of business development.

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