On-time deliveries. Tips for satisfying your customers


Christmas is around the corner, and so does the best season for retailers around the world. The offer of products and services is vast, so differentiation can be difficult. 

Customer satisfaction is key to attracting sales. The key to Christmas shopping is to get items under the tree on time, if a retailer delivers presents late, it will lose customers and money.

In this article, we share tips to win this holiday season.

  1. Communicate with your customers.

Open multiple communication channels to make sure your customers can always reach you about their orders. If necessary, use specialized software solutions to always seem available and provide prompt responses to create closeness and connection with your clients.

  1. If you make a promise, keep it.

Your business requires careful planning to make your delivery times. Always be sincere about your delivery times and do your best to be on time. A package that arrives late is a big disappointment, especially on Christmas.

  1. Have amazing products.

Getting customers is easy. Returning customers is a different story, this only happens if you have a high-quality product line. If you combine a wonderful product with great customer service and logistics, your business will grow.

  1. Get exceptional logistics.

A freight forwarder is a company in charge of organizing and managing the storage and transport of a third party’s cargo and shipping it to the final customer. Companies use freight forwarders to reduce transportation costs. 

Some of the things a freight forwarder does are:

Negotiating transportation rates with carriers.

Provides insurance for the cargo.

Guides you in choosing the right transportation method and arranging it.

Takes responsibility for the load until it is delivered.

  1. Take care of the relationship with your customers.

The sale is not the final point of the relationship with your customers. Make sure to offer good post-sale service and be prepared to respond to inquiries about your products and manage returns when necessary.

Follow these tips to keep your customers happy this holiday season.

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