What does a CEO of logistics have to say about Long Beach?

The functions of a Logistics Director may differ depending on the company, its sector, internationalization, size, type of activity, but they all have a common base, very similar: It is a role that has the great responsibilities of 

  • Planning

  • Controlling 

  • Moving merchandise 

including its storage and distribution within the supply chain, between the point of origin and its final delivery.

It is a fairly extensive process that involves a variety of stages and that can be extended over time due to the distance and route that the product must complete to reach its final destination. 

Understanding this, we can imagine the complexity of being a logistics CEO in Long Beach, the Californian port that is facing the ravages of container stagnation after a prolonged health contingency, and that continues to search for ways to bring maritime traffic back to normal.

The container crisis and the saturation of the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles could worsen during the end of the year festivities, so planning and taking action beforehand is vital. What does a logistics CEO have to say about the major issues currently occurring in Long Beach?

  • Bottleneck: Container terminals are overwhelmed, which means they no longer have room to receive new containers either from ships or from land. It is a true bottleneck that remains despite the temporary order of the city of Long Beach, which allows stacking up to four containers high, instead of the two that were allowed before this extraordinary measure. Even in some areas and if the city fire prevention department grants its permission, up to five containers can be stacked.

  • Work stoppage: Despite the fact that the administration of President Joe Biden granted permission to unload ships 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, large containers remain at the Long Beach commercial dock for extended periods, giving the impression that they are paralyzed. Despite the extension of hours, the negotiations with the unions are not yet 100% closed, and there are no personnel to guarantee work throughout the day and during the night. 

This lack of personnel willing to work on these activities and with the night shift

has contributed to the gridlock, which is why the White House has considered

bringing in the National Guard to help unload containers in Southern California

and help alleviate the lack of truckers due to labor shortages. If it continues, this

situation could get out of control and seriously affect the global economy.

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