Embedded integration technology


Cloud applications need integrations with other apps and services to thrive. That is a fact. But why is embedded integration needed and how will it work? In this article, we will explore some applications and industries that can benefit from it.

  1. Customer adoption and retention.

Every software product is about getting and retaining customers, which is very challenging if we consider the availability of similar products in the market. In-app integrations offer your customers a range of possibilities that allow them to do more with your software.

  1. Lower development and maintenance costs.

In-house integration is costly, not only economically, but in time consumption. In some cases, it can take up to 70% of your development and maintenance efforts.

Embedded integration tackles that issue by using more intuitive tools that allow for creating and publishing integrations in a more efficient and standardized way.

  1. Faster Innovation.

Embedded integration allows for an intuitive implementation of applications; therefore, you and your team can use your time to create differentiators for your product.

  1. Better insights.

Data is very important to determine how is your app used, by whom, and when. Embedded integration tracks and monitors transactions and usage statistics that provide the data your company needs in this regard.

  1. On-demand scaling.

To anticipate demand on integration resources is difficult as it impacts both technical performance and your budget, but embedded integration simplifies horizontal scalability and allows your integration services to be highly available, and resilient to failures and it grows automatically as spikes are encountered and usage increases.

Your company must be able to provide fast and reliable data exchange, but it all comes down to the customer as they all have different demands.

We conclude that having embedded integrations can save time and resources for your company as it increases revenue by providing a better customer experience.

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