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As an entrepreneur, you know that one of the greatest dreams of every person who builds their own business is to grow, grow so much that people from other countries demand and want to buy their products or services.

Also, it is true that selling outside the United States poses unique challenges and questions, depending on the country where you want to enter. Fortunately, the neighborhood and the good relationship between their towns make it less complicated and very beneficial for US companies to start operations in Mexico.

For example, most American entrepreneurs start their expansion through distributors, who represent a highly effective mechanism to start selling in Mexico. These are groups that, as their name suggests, distribute a huge variety of products on a large scale, making them reach remote regions efficiently.

Another advantage of operating in Mexico is its great diversity of commercial organizations to which you can register to receive their support, advice and promotion of your transactions, as well as to define the commercial figure under which your operations in that country will be governed. depending on the size, interests and particular situation of the company.

The most common forms of organization are the Stock Company, the Variable Capital Stock Company, the Limited Liability Company and the Civil Association, exclusively for charitable or non-profit organizations.

You can also choose to become a franchise, but for this you must know that all franchise agreements must be registered with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, so that they are valid and legal.

Joint ventures and operating licenses are also attractive for your expansion plans. In fact, it is an option chosen by many American businessmen who wish to enter Mexico. Before doing so, choose your Mexican partner very well and make sure you transfer all verbal agreements to the legal plane, since the prestige and stability of the business you are undertaking depends on it.

An enormous advantage of the Mexican market is its modern communications system, consisting of highways and ports that facilitate logistics operations.

With everything set for success, be sure to recruit collaborators who are able to communicate in the Spanish language and who know the culture, habits and way of thinking of Mexican merchants and consumers. 

This will give you an unparalleled advantage over your competitors, since the trust and warmth that you manage to inspire in them can make them prefer you over their other options.

Good luck!

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