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Does your company have expansion plans? The Mexican market is a serious candidate to receive you. The youth of its population, the widespread use of the Internet and the growing number of users of electronic commerce, make this country one of your best options to start marketing your products as soon as possible.

59.4 million Mexicans use the Internet to buy all kinds of items: from cosmetics and entertainment to electronics, home tools and food. Much of the promising future of this market lies in them, since the internet has no physical limits that prevent you from showing your offer or your catalogs or reaching your potential users, regardless of where they are in the country.

As if this were not enough, there is a wide variety of sales platforms with a presence in Mexico, with which you can ally yourself to take your first marketing steps in this territory. Do you know what the best options are? Check this:

  • Mercado Libre México: This marketplace is one of the best options you can find, as its prestige and growth have been impressively consolidated in recent months. Mercado Libre México does not charge a monthly fee for selling on its platform, and the commission that it requires for each sale amounts to 17.5% of it. It has 600 million active users located in Mexico as well as in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Its operation is simple. First, the seller publishes their products on the platform with the price in US dollars, but all customers can pay in their local currency, and MercadoLibre is responsible for keeping the price conversion updated. When making sales, sellers can send the products through Mercado Libre's allied carriers, with their own logistics provider or using Mercado Libre's warehouses so that this company takes care of the shipping logistics. What could you do with access to over 600 million potential customers? Think about it…

  • Linio: The commission charge per sale depends on the category of the product you sell, but its main attraction is that it does not require the payment of a monthly fee, so you only pay a small part when you complete a sale. It currently registers 300 million active users and an average of fifty million visits to its website each month. Its users are located in different latitudes of Latin America, in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela, in addition to Mexico; Can you imagine everything you can sell here?

  • Amazon Mexico: We cannot fail to mention this important e-commerce platform. Although we do not know precisely the number of active users it maintains, Amazon charges a variable commission that ranges from 6% to 45% for each of the sales, and charges a monthly fee of 600 Mexican pesos. In exchange, you receive the service of one of the best-positioned marketplaces internationally, with products as varied as electronics, clothing, video game consoles, books, cosmetics, sporting goods and groceries.

These are just three examples of sales channels that you can start taking advantage of right now to expand to Mexico, a country where e-commerce is a growing trend.

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