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 Although it sounds difficult and you think otherwise, exporting to Mexico can be a simple, dynamic and very interesting process if it is done properly. You simply have to make sure that you punctually meet a series of requirements and steps that, in less time than you think, will help you complete the operation.

Do you know who your customer really is? Start by getting to know your buyer in detail, because in addition to the obvious economic benefit that you are going to obtain from interacting with him, your buyer can be a great ally. In fact, most of the time the importer is the one in charge of making the corresponding payments to the Mexican authorities, obtaining the permits and hiring the customs agent who will follow up the entire export-import process.

So, the first thing is to verify with your buyer that both fully meet the requirements to carry out the operation and that they comply with the regulations of the Mexican Customs, knowing that each of the shipments that enter the Mexican territory must have a registry importer.

You must also know the HS codes, which are the key to previously knowing all the official requirements, taxes, permits, tariffs, restrictions and mainly the eligibility of your export. To make it easier, check with a customs broker for the proper HS Code classification for your product before shipping to Mexico.

The qualified and authorized customs agent is prepared to carry out the clearance of your products through the Mexican customs.

Just as you do to carry out any other procedure, your export process requires the preparation of some basic documents, which in this case are 5:

  • Pedimento Aduanal or Entry Form to Mexico: it is a fiscal document that verifies that all the necessary taxes were paid to the Mexican authorities for the merchandise to enter or leave the country. Obtaining it can complete the operations necessary to complete the import process.

  • Commercial invoice

  • Bill of Lading

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Packing List

All imports into Mexican territory are subject to compliance with the rules and regulations of that country. When a shipment is detained or refused, the US Commercial Service in Mexico can help the exporter troubleshoot the issues and determine the best course of action.

Before making hasty or risky decisions, when in doubt, contact the United States Commercial Service, where they can support you so that your transaction is successful.

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