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The Mexican market is the second largest in Latin America, only after Brazil, thanks to its more than 129 million consumers. Much of its strength is made up of the retail sector, which is currently growing at an average annual rate of 7.4%, in an environment of constant growth and expansion in different commercial segments, where there are valuable opportunities for local and foreign companies.

In fact, the arrival of foreign companies to the Mexican market favorably enriches the offer demanded by consumers who are increasingly demanding with their needs, who want new value-added services and who value shopping experiences more than ever before.

Supermarkets are the main retail sales channel, accounting for 51.7% of total retail sales in that country. They are followed by general merchandise stores with 30.2% and in third place are clothing and footwear stores, with 18.1% participation, according to data provided by the USDA.

After the pandemic, the growth and success of retail is expected to continue, with the installation of new points of sale and electronic commerce throughout the country, and of course, with the introduction of new proposals, companies, brands and products. capable of diversifying the current offer, and inserting themselves in the channels where consumers look for them, for example:


  • E-Commerce: In Mexico there are at least 85 million internet users, a figure that represents 63% of the population over six years of age in that country. More and more homes have home internet, and this increase in connectivity stimulates the growth of the economy and digital commerce. Currently, online purchases represent 2% of the around 203 billion in annual retail sales in the country, which represents a great opportunity for companies, both local and foreign, to sell online, taking advantage of the fact that Mexicans increasingly show greater adaptation and acceptance of electronic commerce. Additionally, social networks are highly popular in Mexico, so this route is cheap, easy and quick to use for advertising purposes.
  • Supermarkets: Establishing alliances with the main supermarket chains to display the product offer on their shelves is another great way to expand commercial operations in Mexico, since these establishments can sell everything from groceries to personal hygiene items, electronics, clothing, toys. , furniture and household items.
  • Presence in shopping centers: Commercial premises can be as small as they are spacious, depending on the location and the needs of the business to be installed. Having a presence in these centers in which establishments of various kinds are grouped together, such as beauty, health, entertainment and restaurants, and which are usually always attended by people of different ages and interests, is another great way to make yourself known and increase the chances of sale.

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