Mexico, Land of Opportunity

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The United States and Mexico share a border strip that is about 2,000 miles long. Have you thought about all the commercial possibilities of this geographical situation?

By excellence, Mexico is an ideal place for US companies to start their international expansion.

If we add to the natural conditions the tendency of Mexican consumers to buy more and more online (in fact, e-commerce is involved in approximately 3% of all retail sales in Mexico).

It is expected that in the near future this percentage will increase rapidly, since banking security measures and the confidence of Mexican buyers is increasing to make purchases online.

In addition to this, the Mexican logistics market is strengthening. During 2021, this sector reached the seventh position in the 2021 Emerging Markets Logistics Index prepared by Agility Logistics, based on the conditions of the supply chain of companies in 50 countries.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, certainty within the Mexican logistics market is consolidating. Even with the increase in the cost of raw materials, which will increase the manufacturing cost of companies, the logistics sector will continue to gain relevance both in Mexico and in the world.

After two difficult years, companies are now concentrating their efforts on reinforcing supply chains due to the fundamental role they play for their survival, recovery and adaptation in the medium and long term, particularly after having shown, at the beginning of the health emergency, not be so adaptable or flexible when changes in demand arise that they exceed the goods and/or services they offer.

In the logistics field there are many processes that can be improved, starting with care for the environment during packaging, travel and deliveries to the final consumer.

The new normality is presenting many challenges to entrepreneurs in the sector, but also great opportunities that they are capitalizing on, not so that everything goes back to the way it was before the pandemic, but to create better conditions for their operations.

Learning from its mistakes, improving and reinventing itself, the Mexican logistics sector is becoming a solid and reliable support for those who require its services, both for local companies and for international entrepreneurs who know the advantages of carrying out commercial activities in this country, and are looking for a way to get into it.

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