Integrate AMR and AGV into your logistics or stay behind.

Robots are a fundamental part of logistics and the supply chain. In the last decade, the use of robots was still speculation and a vigorous debate involving the future of human jobs; however, their use is now vital in logistics.

The e-commerce market will experience exponential growth, from 500 billion to 750 by 2025, making robots useful at each stage of the logistics chain, automating tasks to meet the demand faster, reducing errors, and considerably increasing productivity, enhancing the performance of humans.

Logistics robots that look like large cubes on wheels use laser navigation to make their way through the warehouses sorting merchandise.

Other types of robots are the order pickers or cobots, they have an articulated arm, and they can assist in tasks such as preparation, packing, picking, and shipping of orders. Most models resist loads of up to 15 kg.

The idea is not to replace humans at the job posts but to use technologies such as mechanics, electronics, and cognitive science so that workers can delegate tasks that the robots will perform repeatedly.

Using robots reduces work accidents and hardship at work; they have information about the company's systems which helps them map the warehouse, organize floors, and locate goods in real-time.

Mixed working environments benefit from using autonomous mobile robots, increasing productivity up to 50% with point-to-point transport involving bins, and up to 150% with assisted order picking.

The International Federation of Robotics report from 2018 registered 69,000 installed units reflecting a 162% increase over the 2016 numbers.

Automation solutions using logistics robots are no longer only available to large companies, they are increasingly accessible to smaller companies, but they must do strategic planning to take full advantage of the benefits of implementing this technology.

If you have a logistics company, it is a good idea to implement AMR and AGV because if you have not done so, your company will be obsolete within a few years.

Undoubtedly, these robots are the future of logistics and will be a fundamental component in meeting a constantly growing demand in different industries in the coming years.

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