The cheapest and fastest way to import products in USA for 2022


In this article we will walk you through the process that WH Logistics uses to ship your goods to the US cheaper and faster.

We have a strategic alliance with the port at Manzanillo where the merchandises arrive from Asia and they clear the import process in two days approximately.

Then, the goods go through our innovative IMMEX program, this process takes about two days.

After that, the container is shipped fro Manzanillo to Guadalajara in a transport that takes one day to reach its destination.

Upon arrival, the merchandise spends 24 hours at the cross dock from where it leaves towards Laredo. This leg of the trip lasts approximately two days.

Clearing the border and fulfilling the export process takes two more days. After customs is cleared it takes two days to get to Iowa.

There are benefits in choosing to ship with us, for instance:
  • Stop paying extra cost for your delayed containers.
  •  Our ocean freight rates are 30% more competitive.
  • There is no need to open a Mexican company.
The price of importing containers is of $10,568 USD for a single and $11322 USD for full, please note that the price doesn’t consider:
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Delays.
  • Additional inspections.
  • Special or extraordinary charges.
  • Loading and unloading of the cargo.

For more in-depth advice, contact WH Logistics so that a specialist can guide you about your specific needs.

We are certain to be the best strategic partner your company can have to import goods from Asia into the United States through Mexico, faster and at better cost than using the West Coast ports, currently congested by the covid pandemic.

Delays cost your business money; we are the solution to avoid those expenses.

More information in storage in Mexico.




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