New port in the US for 2022.

That is what the United States need, an upgrade in their port infrastructure and new operational ports for the future as imports from Asia continue to grow, but they don’t exist yet.

The White House assigned a task force to solve the port infrastructure and supply chain issues that The United States face, but it will be a long time before we see results that significantly benefit shipments after the pandemic.

Since there is no new port in The United States, shipping companies must turn their heads to Mexican ports. Mexican infrastructure is enough to alleviate the saturation of the largest US ports.

The ports at The United States face an unprecedented congestion caused by the pandemic, raising shipment costs and port fines for shipment companies that lag their containers on site, but there isn’t enough labor to expedite the process.

The traffic at the ports also causes queues of trucks outside awaiting merchandises and disrupting life for people who live nearby.

Also, goods take from 45 to 75 days to get from Asia, clear port and reaching distribution centers, which is a lot when there are expecting consumers at the end of the supply chain.

Mexican ports such as Manzanillo and Ciudad Hidalgo have sufficient capacity to receive shipments from the pacific, while Veracruz and Altamira can cover imports from the Atlantic to then distribute containers using trains or trucks to get to The United States.

Mexican ports are an option because other American ports that are receiving diverted vessels are also at overcapacity and causing similar problems in their populations.

Having a strategic partner in Mexico like WH Logistics is of utmost importance to get goods from Asia into the United States at a lower cost, but more importantly, faster.

At WH Logistics we are at our element, we know the procedures and processes to move smoothly across Mexican territory and into the American border, finding the best cost-efficient alternative to reach your distribution centers.

We take care of your goods and make sure they get on time to their destination. Don’t go through the headache of getting your shipments from overly congested ports. Use Mexican ports.



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