Manzanillo, México - Nuevo Laredo to reach your USA customers


During September 2021, container arrivals to the Manzanillo port grew 14.7% compared to the same period of time in 2020; this is because the covid-19 pandemic caused the West Coast ports in the US to congest in an unprecedented manner.

Alternative ports in the US also experienced saturation when vessels were diverted to them because they are not equipped for high traffic.

This opened the door for Mexican ports to be alternative ports since transporting merchandise by land is less expensive than paying rates and fines for delayed unloading at Long Beach or Los Angeles.

The Manzanillo port has the necessary infrastructure to alleviate the congestion of the American ports.

Manzanillo port has 10 hectares of container storage areas and general cargo holds accessible through the interior port of San Pedrito, south of TEC I.

Roadways and railways connect the port.

The route into the US is from Manzanillo to Nuevo Laredo and to the United States.

Nuevo Laredo is considered a dry port and it is a main export route that stands out for handling 40% of all imports and exports that cross into The United States.

The location of Nuevo Laredo is privileged, which is why it is the most important land border crossing connecting Mexico and the US.

There is no doubt that importing goods from Asia that arrive to Manzanillo and travel to the US through Nuevo Laredo is an excellent alternative that can reduce the time merchandises take to arrive to their destination.

Importing to the Manzanillo port is a smooth process when counting with a strategic partner like WH Logistics.

We know how to move across Mexican territory and we know the procedures and processes to get your cargo to the US efficiently, it is as simple as it sounds.

Using a California port can take up to 75 days, while importing through Mexico only takes fifteen days. Contact us at WH Logistics for more in-depth advice about your specific needs.

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