Deliver to your clients in the US 5 times faster.

It is no news that American ports have been congested for years, in fact, they only had 5% of spare capacity and that was quickly overtaken when the pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020.

Now it takes longer and it is more expensive to ship from Asia to The United States. This is a blow to the economy because vendors are unable to meet their commitments in time and that brings unexpected costs.

Before the pandemic, ships would arrive in the American ports where they waited on average five days to unload the goods and put them in trucks to take them to distribution centers.

The pandemic resulted in a labor shortage at the ports, so containers take at least eight days to unload and then they have to wait for trucks, clogging the space because there aren’t much warehouse facilities nearby. 

This means that shipments can take up to 75 days to get from Asia to the distribution centers causing delays, in fact, there are billion dollars in Halloween decorations detained at the ports, already late for the festivity.

We use Halloween decorations as an example of how bad the problem is because that merchandise cannot be sold; on top of that, vendors have to pay port fines and taxes.

There is, however, a way to get around port traffic and get your shipments into the US up to 5 times faster. The answer is using Mexican ports and transporting goods by land.

Before the pandemic, shipping to Mexico wasn’t the best choice as there was not much cost/benefit relation, even as Long Beach and Los Angeles were already congested, but the pandemic turned the traffic at these ports into a major problem.

Now, shipping to the West Coast ports is very expensive when adding shipping costs, taxes, fines, and other expenses. It is slightly cheaper to ship to Mexico and transporting the goods by land, but there is a significant advantage in choosing Mexican ports, the time.

The process of shipping to American ports from Asia and to the distribution centers can last 75 days, and during all that time your customers don’t have their orders. However, the process using Mexican ports lasts only fifteen days, that in the long run increases the benefits for your business.

Thus, the importance of having a strategic partner like WH Logistics to manage the necessary procedures to import your goods smoothly in the United States for a slightly cheaper cost.


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