Bonded warehouse in Mexico: supply to your customers in the US.

A bonded warehouse is a place in which dutiable goods can be stored, manipulated or be slightly manufactured without paying duty, it can be managed by the state or by a private company

Bonded warehouses bring many benefits for vendors because they don’t have to pay duties until the merchandise is sold; therefore it allows the business to have a better cash flow.

Using a bonded warehouse avoids doubling duties payments because if the items are marked as exports duties get paid in the destination country.

Bonded warehouses have specialized facilities to store all sorts of goods and even to perform small manufacturing in the merchandise.

The main advantage in using a bonded warehouse is that you don’t need to set up a Mexican Company and deal with all the procedures.

Vendors can place their inventories anywhere in Mexico with the following advantages:
  • No import taxes payment.
  • No establishing in Mexico.
  • No trouble with customs compliance.
  • Inventory in Mexico and no Inventory records.

At the warehouse, both the vendor and the contract manufacturer can have inventory visibility.

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