Alternative ports to send merchandise or goods to USA

There is an unprecedented congestion at the West Coast ports, the largests to import goods from Asia into the US. There are no signs that the problem will resolve soon so container lines need alternatives to divert vessels.

It is very important to expedite the passage of goods through ports to lessen the economic impact of delays. Container vessels have experienced lengthy delays at the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports, an average of eight days.

There are negotiations to use the ports of Oakland and the Tacoma-Seattle Northwest Seaport Alliance to receive diverted vessels. However, these ports are not usually receive a high traffic of ships and are also getting saturated.

This saturation has also affected inland traffic and nearby populations are suffering the long queues of trucks outside of the ports.

Mexican ports weren’t a serious possibility six years ago as getting merchandises through them and then transporting them to the US inland was costly and inefficient despite the fact that Californian ports had been experiencing congestions since then.

But now, as the necessary infrastructure upgrades at major American ports will take years, ships will continue to linger as consumer demands grow.

First, consumers started investing in online shopping options increasing the demand. Now, companies are returning to their normal operations and are restocking their office equipment, much of which comes from China or other parts of Asia.

This means the demand will continue to grow and so will the shipments that will take longer each time until ports are upgraded.

It is because all of this that merchants should consider shipping their merchandises to Mexican ports such as Manzanillo, where a company like WH Logistics can manage the necessary procedures to receive them and take them by land to the United States.

Another reason for choosing Mexican ports is that those on the West Coast will begin to collect fines from shipping companies for each day of delay in unloading containers, which will increase costs. 

Importing your goods from Asia to The United States doesn’t have to be a headache; at WH Logistics you will receive specialized advice about the procedures and processes necessary to receive your shipment in Mexico.



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