Mazatlán, Mexico: An impressive cargo drone airport to fulfill all your Mexican customers' needs.

The Mazatlán Aerospace Park will house many multinational companies as stated by an executive from TopBrain Group. It is the first time that Sinaloa is part of the aerospace industry.

As part of its inclusive vision, this Park will also house automotive companies that will be able to test their vehicles during a state-of-the-art trial with technological integrations.

Non-disclosure agreements prevent the Mexican executive to mention the automotive companies involved, but he ascertained that it is about a Mexican company, two Germans, and an Asian company.

The project, consisting of sixty-eight hectares in its first phase, plans that some companies start building in the area, such as the Spaniard company: Singular Aircraft, which is already installing itself in the park.

Singular Aircraft will build the Flyox One, the largest drone in the world measuring 11.5 meters long and that is able to carry up to 1759 kilograms of cargo.

This successful drone can land on the sea if there was an emergency and is being used by NATO and the UN.

The MZT Aerospace Park seeks to incorporate the most technologically advanced automotive companies. Another aspiration from TopBrain Group is that someday, a Mexican-built plane will be fabricated and flown out of there.

The MZT Aerospace Park contemplates a sustainable development of the region, using clean energy and planting over 2000 threes each day.

This Park will be an excellent choice for Tier 2 international companies, and it will thrive on the field of unmanned planes.



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