Why Mexico is the most strategic spot in America/LATAM for logistics?

Mexico is the only American country to be ranked on the Top 10 Emerging Markets Logistics Index. The infrastructure in Mexico has been forced to grow since the IMMEX program and the expansion of strong industries to this country. It has become a strategic spot because it is close to the United States, and it connects more than 145 countries with its 117 ports, 65 international airports, 27,000 kilometers of railway lines and 393,471 kilometers of highways. 

Logistically, Mexico has become an alternative to the United States and China due to the friction between these two countries. Besides, it has a strategic location because it is close to two large countries: the United States and Canada. Since the IMMEX program and the entry into force of the USMCA in 2020, it has been easier to collaborate between countries. The IMMEX program had the objective to positionate Mexico as a competitive space for foreign countries to operate and it is a tool that facilitates the temporary import of goods for elaboration, transformation, or repair without having to pay taxes.

Currently, Manzanillo is the most important port in Mexico with 437 hectares, it is located on the Pacific Coast, and it has routes to New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Australia. Manzanillo actually competes with the Long Port Beach of California since it is closer to Texas and its port in Laredo; thus, it is cheaper as well. This port operates under the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) which establishes safety measures such as access control systems, vehicle monitoring, and distributed cameras, among others. 

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