The power of bonded and VMI models in Mexico. IMMEX your operation and grow your business with your manufacturing clients in Mexico

Today there are three popular "Bonded" models in Mexico, which can help your company optimize its operations and protect your budget: 
  • IMMEX program 
  • Tax deposit  
  • Strategic Fiscal Area (RFE) 
Each of these models has been created to meet different needs of international business models. Depending on the destination of the sale, manufacturing, time of stay in Mexico, and the time of compliance involved for the payment of taxes and compliance with non-tariff obligations, it will be important that you determine which is the most appropriate to establish your operation or sale in Mexico. 
These "Bonded" models are the appropriate means to operate in Mexico under the scheme known worldwide as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). The VMI in Mexico is a scheme in which the logistics provider (Logistics Vendor) acts, through its customs, logistics and warehouse infrastructure, as a solution that allows foreign companies supplying inputs for a Contract Manufacturer (CM) or OEM,  to position their products minutes away from the latter, without requiring their establishment in Mexico or the payment of taxes for the importation or disposal of their merchandise in Mexico.
In addition, the Logistics Vendor will provide both parties, Supply Provider and CM, updated statuses on their inventory levels, movements, reorder points, inbound and outbound logistics coordination, customs services, among others, to both companies to guarantee the correct supply of the inputs required by the CM in its manufacturing processes in Mexico. 
The suppliers of inputs that participate in this VMI scheme in Mexico are more attractive to their CM and OEM customers in Mexico, giving them the opportunity to have their products minutes away from their manufacturing lines at all times, and a level of control of inventory aligned for both parties. 
Likewise, CMs or OEMs that implement this type of scheme in Mexico have greater control of their suppliers' inventories, agile response times (and even a real JIT / JIS), as well as a financial benefit by deferring the moment of the purchase (flow improvement) of products from their direct input suppliers.


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