Supply chain in Mexico post COVID-19

Supply chain management requires a preventive approach nowadays. Since the pandemic, it has come to our attention that we need to think strategically in advance of possible complicated scenarios. #SoyLogístico has come up with 10 ideas that can protect the supply chain in difficult times.

  1. Have a written plan in which there is a breakdown of all the possible scenarios to which the supply chain could be forced to adapt, as well as the steps that would be needed to be taken in each one of those. 
  2. Have clear communication internally and externally with collaborators, suppliers, and customers. 
  3. Protect the health of all the supply chain members in order to maintain the offer active. 
  4. Sanitize and promote the best hygiene practices.
  5. Keep productivity and positivity high.
  6. Keep the outside work hours operational processes going while guaranteeing safety.
  7. Adjust forecasts in supply and demand according to the expected impact on the economy.
  8. Double the efforts on transportation safety.
  9. Contemplate backup suppliers.
  10. Get the Business Continuity Plan and the Disaster Recovery Plan going.

By having these steps established at your organization, you will save time in the middle of a crisis, and it will be easier for all the collaborators to react properly in the middle of a setback.

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