Strengthen your logistics in Mexico. How to be more efficient?

Measuring your efficiency will depend on what approach you will focus on. There are two main types of fulfillment: Business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). The B2C approach is easier to follow in terms of efficiency, which can ultimately be measured on the final customer satisfaction and the new clients you are attracting. It is simpler, because the B2C approach focuses primarily on the final client, and there are not as many rules or strict procedures to follow as it happens with a B2B fulfillment. With large orders, the B2B fulfillment requires a constant interaction with electronic data and barcodes, for example. 

On a B2C focus, the last mile service will be extremely relevant to a customer’s satisfaction. On the other hand, on a B2B focus the hand carry service could be the one that could make the whole difference. This consists of having someone personally carrying an item that’s urgent to deliver while accomplishing the fastest travel possible. This service can save millions in emergencies, and it prevents a whole production line from stopping if there is something that is missing. As a result, these services will strengthen the efficiency of your operations. In addition, it is relevant to point out that whether your business focuses on B2B fulfillment, B2C fulfillment, or both, you will have the opportunity to hire warehouse services depending on your needs. 

Now that you have this in consideration, there are other practices you can apply that are focused on saving time. On one hand, by implementing the VMI model you will be able to control the stock of your goods due to a reporting of inventory and sales with the supplier. On the other hand, by registering to the IMMEX program, the logistics processes will be more efficient since the goal of this instrument is to facilitate and increment the exportations from Mexico. 

These time saving techniques are actually budget saving techniques as well. Time is money and, whether your client is another business or a final customer, both of them will appreciate these practices. Logistics are efficient when we have the right products, at the right time, at the right moment and we do so with the lowest cost possible. In order to have an effective logistics strategy, it is recommended to watch out for a proper connectivity of all the people involved on the project, to choose the solutions that can be adapted to the business needs and to take the actions that are backed up by specific data.

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