Logistics in Mexico: The truth about the insecurity in Mexico


Today, more than ever it is recommended to hire a local Mexican logistics company for transportation, if you are going to operate in this country. Given that there are issues of insecurity, it is best to have local people in charge, as they are aware of the situation and minimize risks by adopting the safest practices: they know the safest roads and times to travel.

In Mexico, there are 4,500 cases of cargo theft each trimester. This country represents 68% of the cargo theft cases that are recorded in North America; the U.S.A. represents 23% and Canada 4%. These cases occur at different hours in Mexico and not only at night. Actually, most of the crimes take place between 14:00 p.m. and 20:00 p.m, resulting in 24% of them. The most popular way of assault is by armed robbery on the move with 86%. This explains why it is important to hire transportation that includes tracking for the vehicles in question. The State of Mexico, Puebla, Guanajuato, Jalisco, and Veracruz are the states that are more prone to danger in this aspect.  With this problem in hand, it is estimated that costs of operations have increased by 4% and 5% due to the increment of costs of transportation insurances. 

It is important to hire a service that suits your budget since the costs in logistics represent 18% and 35% of the value of a product. That is why it is important to optimize or reduce the costs of transportation. This can be done by planifying routes, having contingency plans, and tracking or monitoring in real time. Planifying routes is particularly important at last mile delivery, since it is the phase that requires the most quantity of routes to be traveled in the shortest time. The good news is that this step of the process can be done with the help of the specialized software of your preference.

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