Are logistics really complicated in Mexico?

The IMMEX program, which stands for Maquiladora, Manufacturing and Export Services Industry, entails substantial benefits: non-payment of import taxes, value added taxes, anti-dumping duties, compliance with some non-tariff regulations, and even, through models such as the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), it provides the opportunity for foreign companies to operate in Mexico without having to settle there. It is designed to carry out the temporary importation of goods that will be used in the manufacture of export products.

Despite these benefits, just a few companies count with this program that has existed since 2006, but it is highly recommended. In fact, in 2018, more than 6,300 companies registered in the IMMEX program saw their operations grow by 11% and 12% compared to last year. This represented a turnover of 225 billion dollars, or the equivalent of 68% of national exports. The objective of the IMMEX program is to strengthen Mexico's position as a strategic player for global manufacturing companies that want to have a competitive cost in the manufacture of their goods. It has different modalities in which companies can participate in:

  • IMMEX Holding Company Program
  • IMMEX Industrial Program
  • IMMEX Services Program
  • IMMEX Shelter Program
  • IMMEX Outsourcing Program
There are logistics companies in Mexico, such as WH Logistics, that provide integral logistics services to companies that want to position their products in Mexico to market them with their CM, TIER-1, TIER-2, OEM, CEM clients, among others, in Mexico.

Through the services of companies such as WH Logistics and its IMMEX Program, companies that want to market their products in this country do not have to hire a dedicated warehouse, worry about developing a new logistics in Mexico, or set up a company in this country to have its products available to its manufacturing clients in Mexico.

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